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Honest, hardworking, friendly and knowledgeable, Jim Meyers has been dirtying his nails in this business for his whole life. Raised on a healthy dose of sawdust and chainsaw oil, Jim grew up on a 100-acre tree farm in Ohio. Son of Ed Meyers, or known locally as Eddie Cut-Cut, Jim was no stranger to hard work. Dragging brush and pulling stumps was a typical weekend activity on the Meyers Farm. He became familiar with tree species at an early age, and came to love the work associated with maintaining trees.

He went on to study the environment at the University of Colorado, broadening his knowledge of the natural world. After graduating from college, Jim wandered in search of a career. He wound up in New York City shuffling papers and fetching coffee for high-level stockbrokers on Wall Street. It didn't take him long to realize he was way off track. Ditching the suit and tie, Jim began his migration westward. Stopping back at home in Ohio, Jim ran into a local tree guru and old friend Paul Taylor. Paul showed him the ropes, literally, and Jim began his climbing career.

When Paul's passion turned towards fashion, (Arborwear LLC.) Jim continued his migration westward towards the tall trees of the Pacific Northwest. Jim started working for a local tree service shortly after he arrived in Portland, and soon after founded Hedgehog Tree Care. Building the business from scratch was not easy, but his background and desire to learn more about trees fueled his progress. He developed many strong relationships with customers and other green industry professionals and the Hedgehog name spread. Juggling a full workload, Jim studied and became a certified arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture and has remained active in continuing education. Today, Jim works hard to keep the business small because he feels it is the only way to provide the level of customer satisfaction he desires.

Hedgehog Tree Care is personalized service. Jim owns the business, drives the truck, answers the phone, gives the estimates and climbs the trees. Keeping the business small benefits the customer. The same person you speak with during the estimate is the one who climbs the tree. This ensures that nothing is lost in the communication between customer and arborist. The result is a healthy tree and a happy customer. Jim's business thrives on the good word and referrals from his satisfied customers.

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