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We want your feedback! If you have something to say about your experience with Hedgehog Tree Care, please take a moment to fill out our feedback form. Here are a few letters we received from happy customers.

"On pruning day, Jim arrived on time along with three other members of his crew. The day was blustery and storming but they went to work on all the trees. Jim asked me to go over what I wanted with the group so they all knew what we expected. Twice, crew members asked if I would like one cut rather than another and explained what each would mean for the tree and the aesthetics. They worked non stop for about five hours. When they were almost done, they asked me to walk with them and let them know if there was anything further I would like. I asked to have one tree pruned just a bit more to balance the look and on another tree asked to have a limb removed. They were happy to oblige. Cleanup was excellent...the storm from the night before had left the yard very messy. Not only did they clean up their debris but they blew all the leaves and needles from our deck, the cement pad below the backyard deck, the front sidewalks and the front entry! Everyone was exceptional!!"

Testimonial from:
K. Gregory
Beaverton, OR

"Wonderful! A crew of 3 men did the work over a period of two days. They were all extremely efficient, professional, cheerful and friendly, and worked well as a team. It was fascinating to watch how the cutter roped the large branches so that nothing fell on the ground. As a result, there was almost no damage to our existing plants and when it was over, the yard was very clean and the only thing that remained was a hole where the Horse Chestnut used to be. The contractor who ground the stump was told that a new tree would soon be planted where the Horse Chestnut had been, so he ground the stump down to bare dirt and left the hole for the new tree. The stump was about 30" in diameter and it took him over an hour to chip up all the wood so that only dirt remained."

Testimonial from:
A. Kopel
Portland, OR
"I was a professional arborist for many years and I can recognize good work from bad. Hedgehog's professional standards are very high and he and his crew's tree work is excellent. Their pricing is reasonable and they "came in at bid," with no overage charges. They were on time, prompt, courteous, and they did a great job of explaining the work they proposed to do beforehand, and why. I would recommend Hedgehog anytime to anyone."

Nice comment from:
S. Spence
Portland, OR
Dear Jim:
My wife and I are quite pleased with the results of your work. The two Douglas Firs and the Laurel hedge look absolutely great. In Fact, we?d like to have the other Douglas Fir trees pruned in September. Thanks again for the outstanding service and we look forward to working with you again soon.


B. O?Scannlain
Portland, Oregon

Dear Jim,

Thanks so much for taking such thoughtful and skilled care of our trees. They look great! Take care and have a wonderful Fall and Winter!

Marcia, Fred and the trees

I write to express my appreciation of your recent work on my Dogwood tree, for your thoughtful and thorough explanation and assessment, and for your willingness to match a bid given by one of your colleagues. Please count me among the satisfied customers who will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone considering having tree care work done.

You may be familiar with the "Angie's List" online service (www.angieslist.com), through which members may submit reports on contractors and service companies for the benefit of other members. I was happy to submit a positive report for your services.

Thank you again,


T Whalen
Portland, OR
I highly recommend Hedgehog, they have worked on numerous projects, both large and small for my family over the past few years. After working with them, we wouldn't choose another company for our arborist needs. They are consummate professionals, highly experienced, detail orientated with wide-ranging highly technical skills. They are a rare mix of great listeners and communicators, rapid workers but safety conscious and their admin is highly responsive. Their customers are obviously a high priority for them and it shows.

-Bernadette Doolan, Portland.

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