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Pruning: Our services include quality ornamental and shade tree pruning, from crown cleaning and hazard pruning to delicate thinning and aesthetic pruning.

Tree Removal: We remove trees with skill, utilizing the latest rigging techniques keeping an eye out for the delicate landscape below. We always respect the homeowners' property and are known for our impeccable cleanup.

Chipping and stump grinding: We provide chipping and stump grinding whether it be for removing shrubs to make way for a new landscape, or removing a large stump in the backyard.

Hedge and shrub pruning: We can also take care of the smaller shrubs and hedges that seem to grow so vigorously in the Pacific Northwest. When it's needed, we take the time to hand prune those Rhodies and Camellias, reserving the hedge clippers for the more aggressive Laurel hedge.

Consultation: Hedgehog can also provide clearly written arborist reports and tree inventories. We can provide recommendations to avoid damaging trees during new construction and ways to reinvigorate trees that have been trampled by heavy machinery.

Tree selection: When you need to replace a tree, or just need some help deciding, we can point you in the right direction.

Green industry relationships: If we do not feel like we can perform a job properly or safely with the skills and equipment we posses, then we will give you the name of someone with the means to get the job done. We work closely with several tree services and landscape professionals with an array of services from landscape design and installation to crane removals and aerial lift trucks.

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